Long Beach Comic Con 2014

This past weekend, I hit up the Long Beach Comic Con, which was in its sixth year. LBCC is a much smaller convention than the juggernaut that is San Diego Comic Con with more of a focus on actual comic books than celebrities or other media. One of the things I love about LBCC is…

The Land of 1000 Dances (WWF-Style)

I love that The Missing Link and Randy Orton’s uncle, Barry O, are immortalized in this video. And, yes, that is Meat Loaf on drums with Cindy Lauper in an obvious disguise, Terry Funk awkwardly trying to participate, and Piper clearly coked out of his mind.

The Thrillseekers

Another great music video as Lance Storm and Chris Jericho got their first break in the States with Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Dubbed the Thrillseekers, they┬árocked America just as Lance Storm rocked the duck tail ‘do and the Zubaz pants.

The Fabulous Ones

One of the early examples of using music videos to hype the arrival of new talents in wrestling. In this case, it was The Fabulous Ones, Steve Kiern and Stan Lane, who were coming into Memphis as the hot, babyface tag team. The gimmick would go on to inspire countless teams such as The Rock…