2015: A Year of Cons Review

I made a concerted effort to hit more conventions in 2015 and work on leveling up my photography skills. I’m happy to say that it looks like I half way know what I’m doing with a camera. I attended the usual mainstays like Wondercon and San Diego Comic-Con, along with first time attendance of Star Wars Celebration and C4: Central Coast Comic-Con. I also hit Long Beach Comic Con and Comikaze Expo for multiple days for the first time.

My new year’s resolution for 2016 is to try and go to at least one con a month. I’ve already pencilled in Anime Impulse, Long Beach Comic Expo, Wondercon, SDCC, Long Beach Comic Con, and Comikaze Expo to the schedule. Phoenix Comic Con, San Francisco Comic Con, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, and SD Comic Fest are strong possibilities. What I’m really looking forward to is Nerd Con, which made its debut in Escondido this past August. Their 2nd effort promises to be even bigger and I’m thankful for another con in my neck of the woods outside of SDCC.

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite shots taken in 2015:

IMG_8866 IMG_8885 IMG_8891

IMG_8928 IMG_9045 IMG_9214

IMG_9267 IMG_9618 IMG_9648

IMG_9757 IMG_9856 IMG_9868

IMG_9971 IMG_0370 IMG_0384

IMG_0653 IMG_0664 IMG_0687

IMG_1038 IMG_1198 IMG_1294

IMG_1334 IMG_1448 IMG_1524

IMG_1549 IMG_1583 IMG_1606

IMG_1676 IMG_1702 IMG_1780

IMG_1868 IMG_2063 IMG_2124

IMG_2167 IMG_2174 IMG_2189

IMG_2196 IMG_2198 IMG_2282

IMG_2772 IMG_2895 IMG_2909

IMG_3035 IMG_3049 IMG_3250

IMG_3675 IMG_3755b IMG_3856

IMG_9292 IMG_9302 IMG_9351

IMG_9379 IMG_9926 IMG_9951

IMG_9970 IMG_9975 IMG_9993

IMG_0018 IMG_0121 IMG_0241

IMG_0364 IMG_0375 IMG_0406

IMG_0479 IMG_0483 IMG_0489

IMG_9629 IMG_9638 IMG_9684

IMG_9787 IMG_9824 IMG_9799

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