The Best Cosplay of 2016

2016 might have been a dumpster fire in the real world, but personally, it was a great year for me. I attended dozens of conventions and gatherings in an effort to improve my photography skills. Below, are some of my favorite shots from various events such as Wondercon, Long Beach Comic Con, San Diego Comic-Con, Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. I will be hitting all those same conventions this year along with Anime Impulse, Anime Los Angeles, Long Beach Comic Expo, Nerd Con, Anime Expo, and maybe Disney’s D23 Expo. Hope to see you there!

IMG_1217 IMG_1507 IMG_1631 IMG_1663

IMG_2209 IMG_1971 IMG_3470 IMG_2735

IMG_2797 IMG_2550 IMG_2580 IMG_2418

IMG_3583 IMG_3180 IMG_3229 IMG_3721

IMG_3290 IMG_3804 IMG_3910 IMG_3915

IMG_3988 IMG_4013 IMG_4066 IMG_4088

IMG_4155 IMG_4345 IMG_4386 IMG_4452

IMG_4574 IMG_4636 IMG_4765 IMG_4792

IMG_4834 IMG_4847 IMG_4856 IMG_4940

IMG_4883 IMG_5541 IMG_4980 IMG_4999

IMG_5092 IMG_5120 IMG_5131 IMG_5138

IMG_5213 IMG_5146 IMG_5187 IMG_5195

IMG_5847 IMG_5272 IMG_5301 IMG_6784

IMG_7135 IMG_5350 IMG_7581 IMG_7267

IMG_7768 IMG_7404 IMG_7428 IMG_7461

IMG_7868 IMG_8022 IMG_7978 IMG_7967

IMG_8085 IMG_8099 IMG_8142 IMG_7669

IMG_7709 IMG_7713 IMG_7720 IMG_8294

IMG_7758 IMG_7767 IMG_7774 IMG_7800

IMG_7834 IMG_7911 IMG_7925 IMG_7946

IMG_7964 IMG_7974 IMG_8004 IMG_7837

IMG_9204 IMG_8265 IMG_8280 IMG_9740


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